By Richard Ray


On July 11th, Jevaughn Suckoo was shot and murdered within his West Palm Beach, Florida apartment complex. The 26 year old was the father of a nearly 2 year old girl. Three days after his death, his girlfriend, 27 year old Stephanie Caceres, and mother of his child, gave birth to twins, Jevaughn Jr. and Lailah. The story, if it ended there would be tragic enough… it does not.


Jevaughn was scheduled to be buried the day after his twins were born. Stephanie delivered the twins by cesarean and received an infection during the procedure. She died the day of Jevaughn’s burial, leaving two infants that will never have the opportunity to know either of their parents, under the most tragic of circumstances and three orphaned. All three are in the care of Stephanie’s mother.


Jevaughn’s death has been ruled a homicide, though there has not yet been declared any suspects or motive behind his killing. He worked as a server for a catering company. Stephanie worked in the office of a Pediatrics medical center for the past four years.

The death of both parents, separately and within days before and after the birth of twins is the type of scenario that Hollywood loves to write to exploit our emotions. Unfortunately for two families the scenario is all too real.  The families  must deal with the tragic loss of two young people, yet hold it together at the same time to care for the newborns and toddlers both financially as well as with the eventual emotional support that will be required throughout their lifetimes.


If you wish to help in any way a GOFUNDME has been set up for the children’s care.


It is stories like this that are both a reminder of the innocence within humanity as well as the need for perspective and recognition  as to our own blessings, even when circumstances and life may appear far from perfect.




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